The NeoStem Ecosystem is a highly energized, strongly united and richly credentialed group working for one common goal: increasing access to and excitement for computer science, computational thinking and digital literacy in Northeast Ohio – especially among underserved populations.

After two years of deep conversation and planning with a group of diverse stakeholders, we’re adopting bold action plans designed to increase access to and excitement for quality STEM programming.

Mission Statement:

The NEOSTEM (Northeast Ohio) Ecosystem is a diverse coalition for science, technology, engineering, math and computational science. The Ecosystem inspires engagement and coordination in STEM+C fields and expands equitable access to high quality education for all. The intent is to create a powerful life-long continuum of STEM+C learning opportunities that promotes a more prosperous and sustainable community.

Why This Work Matters


Advisory Board:

Current NeoStem advisory board members include:
  • Helen Williams, Program Director for Education, Cleveland Foundation
  • Leon Wilson, chief of Digital Innovation and Chief Information Officer, The Cleveland Foundation
  • Deirdre Gannon, vice president, strategic development, BioEnterprise
  • Courtney DeOreo, Director, Regional Information Technology Engagement Board
  • Karen Thompson, Deputy Chief of Curriculum and Instruction, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Jeremy Shorr, Consultant, TIES
  • Lev Gonick, Chief Executive Officer, DigitalC


There are many ways to join the NEOSTEM Ecosystem.

Join one of our Clusters or a TaskForce; follow us on Facebook; suggest work that we should be doing.

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